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A Special Thank You

I know I’ve said some general Thank You’s throughout these posts, and have been updating my GoFundMe site also… but I wanted to dedicate a special post to everyone that donated to my fund for Franklin and for the Eco-Escuela Simataucca in Peru.

I want you to understand just how big of a difference your money made. 

As a recap… here are all the things we were able to purchase/do with the money:

  1. Re-painted the entire school – the exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, and classrooms

  2. Replaced 25 broken or missing windows with new ones

  3. New cleaning supplies (broom, hand soap, towels, sponges, towel holders, liquid soap containers, dish washing brushes)

  4. New piping and handles installed for their sinks

  5. New locks for all of their doors and windows — still need to be installed

  6. New volleyballs

  7. New art supplies (markers, colored pencils)

  8. New toothpaste for the kids

  9. New lightbulbs for their kitchen

  10. Food for their kitchen for some cooking lessons (like the chocolate chip banana pancake lesson!) 🙂

  11. Re-cemented several walls that were crumbling/falling apart

  12. Nice new white button-up shirts for every kid to be left at school, and worn for special occasions

  13. Tools to build an entire new playground out of wood and tires, and paint to make it pretty!

  14. All tools and materials to completely remodel and fix their awful bathrooms.  This work just started as of May 19th, after I was already back.  Can’t wait to go see them when they’re done 🙂

  15. New shoes, sweatshirts (2), socks, underwear for Franklin

  16. Here’s my favorite part: WE ARE PAYING FOR FRANKLIN TO GO TO SCHOOL!!  This now 17-year-old boy was dealt some horrible, horrible cards in life.  His severe-alcoholic parents abandoned him and his siblings at a very young age, and without going into details, he has survived through a LOT.  I can’t imagine living through some of the things he has gone through… And yet he has remained the kindest, hardest working kid in the world… Always greeted me with a huge smile, and big hug.  Franklin will always have a special place in my heart and be my “hermanito” (little brother), so the fact that we were able to help him get the chance to make a better life for himself, makes my life feel complete.  The school director, Pati, has drilled the importance of education into his brain, and he is beyond ecstatic about this opportunity.  He even missed the 25th anniversary party to go to class.  Trust me, he will NOT let this go to waste!!

Another thing I must mention is that all the professional services (such as piping installation, re-cementing, some of the re-painting) were done by local professionals, such as one of my favorite little boy Abel’s dad.  What that means is your money helped (and is still helping) not just the kids and their school, but their families and the local economy as whole.  How cool is that?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, without further ado, MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS to the following people who donated to my GoFundMe site!!!: 

  1. My mom, dad, and sister for all donating AND sharing the link several times!!

  2. Mary Pfeiffer

  3. Chris Hopkins

  4. Gail Hertig

  5. Caroline Basley

  6. Diane Krueger

  7. Wendy Schmitt

  8. Nick Crocker

  9. Devin Barta

  10. Jayme Kruse Cordie

  11. Anil Shah

  12. Julian Palacios

  13. Amy Jacobsen

  14. Katy Augustyn

  15. John B

  16. Diana Conway

  17. The Grant Kids (Kerri Hulen :))

  18. Neil O’Mara

  19. Lindsay Herlache

  20. Austin Taylor

  21. Michelle Skoug

  22. Liz, Jon and Parker Adam

  23. Cortney Pyne

  24. Brittany Mallas

  25. Greg Wittek

  26. Cian Chase

  27. Madeline Werner

  28. Jenny Justen

  29. Pat Aleshire

  30. Carina Bista

  31. Kristen Jimenez

  32. Catie Maloney

  33. Ann Jimenez

  34. Jeanne Psket

  35. Erica Rucker

  36. Lauren Buck

  37. Julianne O’Keefe

  38. Grace Geiser

  39. Matt & Heidi Bagnisch (hahaha)

  40. Pat Geiser

  41. Miguel Bultmann

  42. Heidi & James Glover

  43. Charmain Shannon

  44. Kathy Donovan

  45. Jen Erdman

  46. Diana Conway

  47. Noah Welshans

  48. Kathy & Jim Hurst

  49. Laura Edeburn

  50. Melissa Alexander

Whether you are an old high school friend, friend of my family’s, old co-worker, person I met randomly selling stuff online, yoga teacher, family I haven’t seen in forever, book club members with my mom… I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

The kids and teachers surprised me with a sign that said “Gracias Emily” on my last day, and sang a song… It was El Perdon but they ended it with the following words:

“Emily Breeden, haciendo historia en Simataucca” = Emily Breeden, making history in Simataucca.

I had to laugh between the tears because, who would have thought such a difference could be made in such a short amount of time?  That’s the magic of what your money did for them.  This sign in their kitchen says my name but is really meant for all of you.  Thank you, for the millionth time!  And please listen to “El Perdón” and imagine the kids singing it for you… Yes, I have videos and will upload them once I figure out how to make them small enough for this site 😛



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