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What Clients are Saying...

So much love & gratitude for these amazing clients!


Sessions with Emily have been incredibly eye opening. “Issues” that seemed too big to wrap my head around, for how to even begin to tackle, have quickly turned into minor obstacles that I realized I have the tools to overcome. Since my sessions, I’ve made tangible steps to work towards my goals. Emily has a wonderful gift of making others feel at ease in her presence. She’s patient & allows me to work through things on my time, yet at the same time - she’s knowledgeable & lends a hand when I need assistance putting feelings into words. Working with Emily was exactly what I needed.

Brittany Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer


Thank you so much for being the light and inspiration for me!  The work you did on me helped tremendously in finding the new remote job I wanted, and allowed me to remain focused and hopeful through the process!  I could NOT have done it without you!  Even through all the mental ups and downs, I persevered and didn't give up, even though at times I wanted to.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sierra Gruden, M.Ed. Instructional Designer


Working with Emily is a dream. I have always been drawn to her infectious and encouraging spirit, but she was made to do this work in the world. I am someone who is very well-versed in personal development, life-coaching, NLP, somatic and thought modalities so I wasn't expecting to get many surprises out of our session. I showed up as a student and hoped for the best. By the end of our first session, I had a deep knowing of how to handle the original problem I came in with.  The rest of the day was filled with hope, excitement, and I felt like the "ah-has" and downloads continued coming long after our session. I had 3 big "ah-has" come to me even after we ended our call. So grateful for our time together!

Lauren Paige, Mindset & Fitness Coach


I have to admit, I came into our session very curious, but also a little skeptical because I had no idea what it would be like. It was a really great experience though, and I feel so much lighter after our session.

I even did exactly what I said I would do in our session (spent time outside and intentionally talked with somebody I didn't know right afterwards) and had great conversation and connection. I feel great this afternoon. I love the practicality and having a specific action, to really take advantage of the new state I was in!

Tanner Scott, Health/Lifestyle Coach

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